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About this course

Rivguru's course on E-Commerce Sales Management is designed to prepare aspirants with the knowledge for a key position in Online Sales in the E-commerce sector. The enrolees of the course are taught to oversee the sale and distribution of products through online shopping outlets. The training in marketing, information technology, and business provided through this course is instrumental in making E-Commerce sales management professionals who know the market well and can profitably thrive in the same. . As you enrol into Rivguru’s custom courses, you ensure the best-quality learning experience for yourself, under the guidance of top expert mentors from around the globe. We welcome you to our learning community with a promise to deliver the best!

Rivguru's E-Commerce Sales Management course is responsible for driving profitable growth through ecommerce sales platforms while managing staff to achieve same objectives. The course teaches you to Manage account P&L through forecasting and budget development to drive sales and profitable revenue. You are further taught ways to successfully manage staff and discipline of teams with performing members. You learn to hire, train, develop and motivate staff to deliver company goals including succession planning and putting all available resource to use.

You learn to plan and strategize, with short as well as long term visions to drive E-commerce platforms to its growth objectives. Implementation, supervision and execution of item promotional campaigns along with trouble shooting customers, products, and site issues are some arenas you will study about.

You develop your creative thinking abilities to find new processes and solutions to help strategize the business with identifying new product opportunities and issues. You learn to work in curating new products and developing new services. Marketing and advertising are other key areas that thus course focuses on. Aspirants further learn to apply learnings from real-time E-commerce, digital and consumer trends as well as emerging digital tools to help their business bloom.

Who this course is for

Rivguru's E-commerce Sales Management course is best suited for aspirants with a bachelor level qualification in the fields of marketing, information technology or business. Candidates with an experience with business analysis also become the best suited to study this program. Our course is however open to all who are interested in the E-commerce industry, wanting to start a business along those lines or are keen on understanding the processes that make E-commerce industries so profitable. Those who wish to work in the industry or are considering a shift from a different domain to E-commerce can also greatly profit from this program. Working professionals of the E-commerce sector can upskill with this course and strive to promote in their job fields.

Why Take This Cours

The role of E-commerce Sales Management has excellent potential for growth and the person has the opportunity to become the leader within the business. According to Glassdoor.com, e-commerce managers earned an annual median salary of $58,724 as in 2020. You can work at varying positions with this course- Digital Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Advertising Consultant, Marketing Director, Marketing Coordinator, E-commerce Strategist being the most popular ones. This course will prove to be very beneficiary if you look to step into the E-commerce sector and understand the internal processes of E commerce functioning. This course offers you the education and training required to work in the E-commerce industry with sales and management in profile, without a necessary sales, management or commerce degree, or a demand for previous experience in the same arena. Our expert mentors are experienced and capable of moulding students to ace in this exciting and blooming niche, without stern prerequisites.

What You Will Get

Under Rivguru’s esteemed programs you get a chance to interact and learn under the best expert leaders of the industry. You get real-time practical experience in running e-commerce functioning and management of cordial resources and hired-hands under this industry, which will help you tremendously in the future, as you set about creating your business or working under the most esteemed E-commerce sites! Your learning progress will be reviewed under our mentors who will be an watchful eye to your improvement once you enrol with us. You yet get access to the interactional online course content, which includes instructor videos and exercises, all hand-curated carefully and in sheer relevance to the contemporary industry.

Skills You Will Learn

• You develop strong online marketing skills – with expertise to run advertisements and campaigns under social media sites like Facebook or Instagram with advance SEO skills.
• You develop solid Social Media knowledge that helps you understand trends, customer behaviour, procedures pulling in large audience or creating online friendly resources for your E-commerce site.
• You understand the analytics of track record managing in an e-commerce platform that helps you easily assess customer requirements and yield best results from track data analysis.
• You develop strong communication, writing and analytical skills that help online businesses to bloom, clients to be happy with your services and your network to be strong-webbed and growing.
• You get practical ecommerce buying/ trading experience, preferably within the leisure products industry which becomes very handy as you set about to work in the sector.

Course Preview
  • Price$49
  • InstructorSarah Taylor
  • Duration7 weeks
  • Lessons25
  • Enrolled255 students
  • AccessLifetime

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