Back-End Development with Ruby

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Empower your future by learning back-end development with Ruby and Rails programme of Rivguru. Ruby on Rails is a reliable framework and offers several benefits to individual participants as well as organisations. What’s more is that it is both free and open sourced. Enroll at Rivguru to stand out from among the crowd.

About this course

Ruby on Rails is a full stack framework and is one of the most commonly used frameworks. It is based on the Ruby language and has gained popularity because it not only supports front-end but also back-end designs. The Rivguru back-end programme with Ruby on Rails helps you to learn all the concepts that will equip you to work with Ruby. On completion of this course, you will be able to design websites independently on the basis of the best development practices. When you take up a Rivguru back-end development course, you will get an opportunity to be a part of real-time ruby projects, which have a great value in the corporate arena. The curriculum of our courses is formulated by industry experts, who specialise in full stack development. Our back-end development course will give offer you an opportunity to become part of the Ruby on Rails community.

Who this course is for

Software professionals, web designers, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is tech-savvy can take up the Rivguru back-end development programme.


Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming language and MySQL are needed. Working with HTML, JavaScript, jquery, CSS, or SCSS is an added advantage.

Why You Should Learn This Course

Ruby on Rails is the most commonly used web application development in numerous popular websites. Learning it will give an edge to your career as a web developer.

Skills You Will Learn

You will learn the following concepts in the Rivguru back-end development programme: Basic and advanced concepts of Ruby and Rails; Create applications based on Ruby on Rails; Discover Active Record techniques; Learn the basics of Rails Controller; Learn Rails advanced topics; Learn about Github and deployment tools such as Heroku.

Course Preview
  • Price Rp 3990000
  • InstructorRivguru Expert
  • Duration3 Month(s)